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Home / Mojave Preserve and Desert bikepacking trips / 2007: Death Valley National Park bikepacking / Day 9: no bicycling! Instead, a drive to The Racetrack and Goldbelt Spring with Phil and Renée from Emigrant Campground 24

Phil and Renée, fellow campers at Emigrant Campground, invite me over for coffee, and then offer me bacon and eggs, which I can't refuse! Then, they invite me on a day drive with them through the western side of Death Valley (e.g. The Racetrack, Goldbelt Spring).

My right knee is telling me that a break from bicycling might be good, and I enjoyed Phil and Reneé's company at the campground yesterday. I'm still considering a solo hike across the fan from Emigrant Campground to over to Lemoigne Canyon, but Phil and Renée's invitation sounds more interesting.

It's also an opportunity to see some areas of Death Valley National Park that I had hoped to see by bicycle, but which I won't reach on this trip. We end up driving a long 160-mile day.