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My fifth Mojave National Preserve bicycle-camping trip lasts 14 days in April-May 2008, starting and ending at Baker, California, yet again. I'll camp at Globe Mine Road, Coyote Springs, Butcher Knife Canyon, Nipton, Keystone Canyon and Sunrise Rock near Cima Dome, Mojave National Preserve.

Five days will be used for day hikes using my campsite as home base, instead of packing up camp and moving on. Except at the campground at Nipton, I don't come across any people at my chosen campsites and I won't see another person for a day or two or three at times during the trip.

I will drink bottled water, brandy and beer from stores in Baker and Cima, tap water from Kelso Depot and Nipton, and filtered spring water from Butcher Knife Spring, Cottonwood Spring (New York Mountains, not Granite Mountains) and Keystone Spring.

I'll take a shower, have two restaurant meals, and do laundry at Nipton in the middle of the trip. Other than that, I live off backpacker-style food and am rather sticky and stinky during the trip. Eeuuww!