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Another pleasant day in the 80s, with little traffic once I get past Shoshone and head up Highway 178. I leave pavement to ride up Greenwater Valley Rd and Gold Valley Road, I am passed only once by a car on those last 18 miles.

A breakdown slows me down and ultimately prevents me from making it all the way to Willow Spring in Gold Valley.

Starting at 1400 feet elevation at Tecopa Hot Springs, it's mostly flat through Shoshone on Highway 127. Six miles of pavement on Highway 178 take me up to about 2000 feet. Then I ride 10 miles up Greenwater Valley Road's gravel surface to about 3000 feet. The final eight miles climb up Gold Valley Road's dirt to about 4700 feet.

34.3 bicycle miles, last 18 miles, dirt/gravel road