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I don't usually visit Mojave National Preserve during the winter due to cold wet weather, but Xmas week 2007 is forecast as dry, although still typically cold.

With only eight days, I'll pedal fewer miles (160) than on some of my trips and visit a few Mojave National Preserve destinations off Kelbaker Road that I've previously bypassed. I'll stay at lower elevations and avoid the Preserve's colder mountainous areas, as enticing as they are.

Baker, California again serves as the start and end of this Mojave National Preserve trip, with Amtrak train and bus transporting me to Baker from home in San José, CA. I'll spend Xmas Eve and New Year's Eve at a motel in Baker on the first and last days of the trip.

Low-elevation daytime temperatures in Mojave National Preserve will range from 45 to 60 degrees F, while overnight lows will vary from 27 to 35 degrees. Full moon happens on Xmas Eve, so there should be some good late-night moonlight during the trip.