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An 11-day self-supported bicycle camping trip in and around Mojave National Preserve in early November 2000.

One year ago, in 1999, I completed my first bicycle-camping trip, and it was here in Mojave National Preserve. That was my first serious camping trip in over 10 years, my first long-distance bicycle trip, and my first desert-camping trip ever. I enjoyed it so much that I've decided to come back and explore a bit more.

Like last year, this trip starts and ends in Baker, California, with the Greyhound bus transporting the 10-ton bicycle and I from home in San José.

I will log 376 miles riding through Mojave National Preserve via Kelso Depot, Nipton, Walking Box Ranch Road, Ivanpah Road, Goffs, Mitchell Caverns (Providence Mountains State Recreation Area) and Foshay Pass.