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It's a cool day that gets much chillier as I climb up toward Keystone Canyon in the New York Mountains from Nipton. I don't see any other people after leaving the highway.

By the time I reach Keystone Canyon Road at the end of the day, a few snowflakes are floating around in a light drizzle. I can see that it's cloudy and snowing a little higher up the mountains, just up the road.

Instead of continuing on further up Keystone Canyon proper, I set up camp just off the adjacent road to the old Trio Mine.

42.2 miles, 4:35 hours, 23.8 mph max speed, 9.2 mph average. From Nipton at 3000 feet, I rise to 4900 feet near Crescent Peak on Nevada Highway 164, drop down to 3900 feet at the start of Walking Box Ranch Road, then rise slowly up to my campsite for the night at Trio Mine Road in Mojave National Preserve at 5000 feet.