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There was a lot of wind last night again, but not as much as the night before and I didn't feel like my tent was going to get ripped apart like the night previous. It turned out to be colder after all, approaching freezing temperatures.

It's a beautiful dry, sunny day and the ride over Foshay Pass is remote, peaceful and satisfying. I don't see a single person or vehicle during the afternoon climb over Foshay Pass.

I end up skipping a planned stop at Kelso Dunes and continue riding all the way back to Baker, California, ending the trip a day early.

62.2 miles, 5:37 hours, 32.0 mph max speed. From 4300 feet, I drop to 3000 feet on Essex Road, climb over Foshay Pass at 4500 feet, drop to Kelso at 2100 feet, rise over the Kelbaker Road summit at 3800 feet, and end the ride at Baker, California at 925 feet.