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It's nice to be here at Mid Hills Campground again. This was one of my favorite spots on last year's 1999 Mojave National Preserve trip, my first desert bicycle-camping trip.

Today is a day to sleep in late and recover from yesterday's exhausting ride up the long hill. I'm relieved to find that the water taps at the campground are functional this morning, after being apparently frozen solid overnight.

When I finally crawl out of my tent and expose myself to the flawless blue skies, I ride from here at 5500 down Wild Horse Canyon Road to Hole-in-the-Wall Campground at around 4200 feet, then return to Mid Hills Campground via Black Canyon Road. I did this ride when I was here last year and it is definitely worth repeating.

21.2 bicycle miles, 2:13 hours, 23.5 mph max speed, 9.5 mph average.