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This Mojave National Preserve trip really starts today, as far as exploring new areas is concerned, which is the reason I keep coming back here. I'm "trapped" up in the mountains at Mid Hills campground to avoid the heat down below, so I'm going to take advantage of it to hike and ride to areas I haven't yet visited up here.

Today I'll hike over to the Eagle Rocks formation near Mid Hills campground, then down to Wildcat Spring and Coyote Spring (a different Coyote Spring than the one I visited on my last Mojave trip). I'll return to Mojave National Preserve's Mid Hills campground via Chicken Water Spring, Silver Lead Spring and Wild Horse Canyon Road.

Chicken Water Spring was a possible campsite on my trip plan. However, given the hot weather and the uncertainty of water availability this late in the spring, it's just as easy to camp at well-watered Mid Hills campground up above and use it as a base for day hikes to areas like Chicken Water Spring.

I bring six litres of water with me and consume four. I eat some almonds and a Clif bar. Awesome day and perfect temperatures (70s and 80s). 10 hiking miles with 2348 feet of elevation gain and loss.