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Home / Mojave Preserve and Desert bikepacking trips / 2009, Spring: Mojave National Preserve / Day 9: Mojave National Preserve Mid Hills campground to Nipton by bicycle via Cima and Morning Star Mine Road 39

It's almost all downhill today on this route that I've ridden before. Whoooosh! If I didn't have to stop at the Cima post office to put my mortgage payment in the mail, I would consider taking a longer route that I don't know so well.

I almost change my mind and stay at Mid Hills campground another night, but I haven't had a shower in over a week, so Nipton's showers are calling me. I know it will be hot down there, but I hope not unbearably so: it is the beginning of June in the Mojave Desert.

42 bicycle miles and 2600 feet elevation drop today (almost 3600 feet elevation drop if you count the many little ups on the way down).