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Home / Mojave Preserve and Desert bikepacking trips / 2008: Mojave National Preserve Mountain-Bike Camping and Hike / Day 3: Six-mile day hike from campsite to Bolder Spring, then over ridges to old mine site off Globe Mine Rd 68

I won't see any people today again. I have just enough water to stay at my campsite another day, so I'll hike over to probably-dry Bolder Spring, about two miles away, just to explore, and to see if any extra water exists over there.

I'll leave camp around 11h and get back around 16h30. My daypack includes the usual items, including my Camelbak and two 1.5-litre bottles of water, which turns out to be adequate, but not optimal. I'll eat two Clif bars and a couple of handfuls of dried apricots during the day.

Because it's not so windy this morning, it's fairly noisy around the tent while I make coffee due to humming insect life, none of which seems much interested in me--fortunately.