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Home / Mojave Preserve and Desert bikepacking trips / 2008: Mojave National Preserve Mountain-Bike Camping and Hike / Day 14: Cima Dome to Baker via Kelso Depot and Kelbaker Road, Mojave National Preserve 28

In preparation for tomorrow's bus/train trip back to the world of employment and mortgages, I ride from Cima Dome to Baker "the long way" (via Kelso-Cima Road, Kelso Depot and then Kelbaker Road).

"The long way" is better than the shorter options, which would require riding many miles on the I-15 freeway or riding across Cima Dome on the rough power-line road. (The power-line road would be a fun choice if my bike rack weren't broken.)

My broken bike rack didn't give me any problems on the way up here to Cima Dome, so I'm confident that my repair will hold for the rest of the trip... as long as I stay on pavement and don't bump around excessively.

63.2 bicycle miles today, dropping from 5000 feet at Cima to 2100 feet at Kelso Depot, up to the Kelbaker Road summit at 3800 feet, then down to 925 feet at Baker.

Since my camera is still broken, "today's photos" are a mish-mash of images shot earlier on this trip, or during previous trips.