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A warm day in the 80s: in preparation for a day hike tomorrow to Bighorn Basin, I ride (and walk) 18.8 bicycle miles from my campsite near the end of the middle fork of Globe Mine Road at 3000 feet, down to Kelso Depot at 2100 feet, then up to North Coyote Springs at almost 3200 feet.

Today I sleep in a little extra. Acclimating to the weather here that's hotter than back home, combined with hiking up lots of short steep hills during the past two days, have left me a little tired.

To make things easier, I'll ride to Coyote Springs today, just under 20 miles away, instead of to Butcher Knife Canyon, which was originally my next planned destination. Strong north winds set in this morning which would have made the uphill route to Butcher Knife Canyon slower than anticipated.