Returning to Tecopa Hot Springs from Shoshone

Bicycle camping in and around Mojave National Preserve 2006

Day 8: Tecopa Hot Springs to Shoshone and back

16.6 miles, 1:16 hrs, 28.4 mph max, 12.6 mph avg

As I leave Shoshone and start pedalling back toward Tecopa Hot Springs, I immediately realize just how strong the wind is. It was nice when I had the wind pushing me on the way here, but it's going to be a slow ride getting back.

Returning to Tecopa Hot Springs

I shouldn't be in a hurry, but I am. I'd like to ride on past Tecopa Hot Springs to the China Ranch date farm, 16 miles from here. It closes at 17h and it's already after 15h.

Actually, I'm not really in a hurry, even though I want to be. Yes, I want to make it to China Ranch date farm later on before it closes, but the fact of the matter is that I'm really I'm enjoying the moment too much and don't care about speed.

I'm enjoying the stark scenery, and think how it would be nice to spend much more time in this area. I could do that by simply changing my travel plans and staying another day. Maybe I will end up staying here for years like Billy did.

The headwind is so strong on the way back to Tecopa Hot Springs that I feel a sense of accomplishment each time that I notice on my speedometer that I've reached 10 miles per hour.

Front-yard rock garden in Tecopa Hot Springs, California

Mostly, I'm riding at 8-9 mph due to the wind, even though the road is mostly flat. I stop to take photos here and there, trying to memorize some of the beauty of this area near Death Valley, just in case I never make it back again.

I reach Tecopa Hot Springs Road and turn off Highway 127. It's nice to be off the big busy road. The ride back toward Tecopa Hot Springs has taken much longer than hoped.

I rise over a small hill and reach the former U-We laundromat at the entrance to town—the perfect place for a long photo break.

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