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Maybe this should be subtitled "The desert mallow trip," since I saw so many of those flowers. "What do you do, just ride around all day until you get tired," one person asked, feigning interest. Yeah, I wish it were that simple!

I'll hike and bike in several areas that I haven't visited before. Mojave National Preserve is a huge park with endless nooks and crannies. For late May, I'm extremely lucky and only contend with a couple of uncomfortable hot days.

I'll camp two nights near the powerline road near Kelso Peak, five nights at Mid Hills campground (an excellent home base for hiking/biking day trips), two non-consecutive nights at Nipton general store, three nights near Malpais Spring, and one night above Mojave National Preserve's Ivanpah Valley, near Brant siding.

Water will come from from stores in Baker and Nipton, the Kelso Depot utility closet, Mid Hills campground, and Indian Spring in the eastern New York Mountains.