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Home / Mojave Preserve and Desert bikepacking trips / 2009, Fall: Mojave National Preserve / Day 4: Hike to Cornfield Spring on the west side of the Providence Mountains, Mojave National Preserve 50

I camped here in May along Cornfield Spring Road amidst the warm rocks. Hot valley temperatures were setting in and I didn't make it to Cornfield Spring on a hike that I planned (I stupidly didn't carry enough water to get me that far).

On this late-November day, it's much cooler, and I will easily make it up to Cornfield Spring on foot. Great scenery, and I will filter fresh water from the spring there to get me through another day.

I won't see another person today. I'll drink a bit more than two litres of water and eat two energy bars during 9.5 round-trip hiking miles and 1838 feet of elevation gain. Temperatures recorded at Baker, CA today are 68F (high) and 34F (low).